All the Right Features

Getting started couldn’t be easier.


V.Com works wirelessly throughout your offices on its existing computer network, using the computers you already have.


V.Com allows you to have as many “intercoms” as you need. As your office grows, install V.Com on every computer you add. There is no limit to the number of intercoms you may have.

Cost Efficient

V.Com is very cost-efficient. There are no hard wires. There is no additional equipment necessary. It installs easily on your existing computer network.


V.Com simply installs on your existing computer network. The “dispatcher” is installed on one computer, and the “intercoms” are installed on every computer in your network that you want to send and receive messages. In only a few minutes, you can customize your system and be up and running.


Messages are sent and displayed on a banner which appears on each computer monitor. You can send freeform or pre-designed messages, send location specific messages, and group or filter messages. Messages can be sent, saved, and replied to on the message pad replacing those old-fashioned pink message pads.


V.Com is completely customizable. From the appearance to the banner to employee names and locations, V.Com can be adjusted to look however you like. Add or remove information as often as needed. Each intercom can be customized by each user.
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